yvie on stage


yvie on stage (a few audio clips)

  • Tell Me A Story: Frozen (January 16, 2019) Hillary Rea graciously invited me back to the first TMAS storytelling event of 2019, where I somehow managed to jam elementary school plays, brain farts, baby-talking presidents, stand-up, and fascist dictatorships into my interpretation of the night’s theme — frozen.
  • Tell Me a Story (14 minutes / May 2018) More about Tammy, that murderous bitch.
  • Wolf Humanities Center’s Rebirths, Comebacks, and Returns Story Slam  (starts at 16:17 minutes / March 2018) The Wolf Humanities Center’s first ever story slam featured stories told in both spoken English and American Sign Language. In keeping with the Wolf Humanities Center’s 2017-18 theme of Afterlives, and to mark the arrival of spring, the stories told of rebirths, renewals, and miraculous comebacks. What a great opportunity to tell almost 500 strangers the Cliff Notes version of my murderous eight-pound tumor, Tammy, and her colorful aftermath.
  • PHIT Open Mic (5 minutes / August 2017) It’s baby’s first ‘real’ stand-up set (oh, how I’ve grown), and the audio is predictably meh. But the laughs come through loud and clear.
  • Ignite Philly: Chic Shack (6 minutes / October 2014) I’m building a tiny house on wheels because it’s all I can (barely) afford. But the consensus seems to be that I’m doing it juuuuust to get on people’s nerves. Hijinks ensue!