She Shekels


A new print magazine? In this economy?

I get Real Simple and a few other magazines free thanks to (no longer offered in Philadelphia) Recyclebank reward points, and the premiere issue of Millie was bundled with my April copy of Real Simple.

Women and money? You’re speaking my language. And I…don’t hate it!

No shilling from me, but as a new volunteer financial coach, I can tell it’s hitting a sweet spot that my clients would love — even though they’re clearly walking a for millennials!/not-just-for-millennials! tightrope in stylish but affordable wedge heels.


Time (Clock of the Heart)*

man in black suit kissing woman in white veil
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My mask + I hit up my local, previously unvisited, #CVS every 10 days or so since I began working from home during the ‘rona shutdown. So a whopping four times total if we’re being generous. 

Today the cashier vowed to make me sign up for a rewards card since I come in “all the time anyway,” and I suddenly understood on a molecular level couples who argue about how much sex they are/are not having.

* Minor apologies to Culture Club