about me


I’m Yvie (Rocks) Jones, a writer, comedian, and multimedia storyteller. 

I’m thrilled to be the captain of my own ship now, but I’ve been a writer, editor, preditor (sorry), project manager, and Web producer for companies large (Comcast, The International Media Conglomerate Formerly Known As AOL, a certain Ivy League university) and small (Philadelphia Magazine, an infamous liberal filmmaker-blowhard’s production company).

The letter F figures prominently in topics I like to write and think about most – film, fashion, finance, food, fights, and Philadelphia (let me have this one), the city that invented the F word. 

These days you can find me:

  • Reveling in/recovering from the purchase of my first home
  • Writing a short story collection and a one-act play
  • Scribbling jokes while prepping for a post-COVID return to standup
  • Becoming a warrior for voting rights and the USPS
  • Spending a shocking amount of time frolicking outdoors, as far away from a glowing screen as I can get

Want to get in touch? My dance card is never too full for you. Send me an e-mail about a project or just to say a quick hello.